Low season

Low season

Postby Big Nev » Sat Sep 04, 2010 10:53 am

OK Guys,

just got back from my alternate year break in Antigua. As some know I stay in Antigua Village and in past years have enjoyed eating out locally and in the restaurants that need a taxi ride.

Well here's the gripe:

Home Restaurant....closed due to retirement..good luck to you I always enjoyed that place
Papa Zouks.......closed due to having a new roof.
La Bousola (sp?) Closed.
Coconut Grove open but like a mortuary except when Earl went past and Monday night last week was buzzing. No customers because imo charges too much
Warri Pier. Open..2 fantastic meals there reasonable price excellent service, ( Closed after Earl because roof blew off think it was opening on Friday)
The Beach....superb, friendly staff, nice menu always busy. Reason is the good value for the food on offer.
La Bistro....open... went once. Not been for 10 years and will not go again. The food is great. BUT I don't think it is good value for EC$500 for 2 of us. 3 courses and one glass of wine and a beer each!
I was absolutely boiling. No A/c fans barely turning. I felt I had been cooked not my pork! With the vast profits that must be made there...I estimated at least 30 people in there at EC$250 a head...why not have A/c??

I just wonder why the restaurants don't stay open in low season and have a special menu night with say 20% off or something to attract the guests.
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